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Terms and conditions

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to abide by the stated Guidelines and accept the terms outlined in this Waiver.

About The Women's Cycling Network (WCN)

The Women's Cycling Network works to promote cycling as wheels of empowerment for women of all backgrounds, and especially for those whose culture prohibited them from learning to ride a bike.

We bring together women who are new to biking and experienced cyclists, serving both newcomers to Canada as well as long-term residents, with the goal of helping those who identify as female feel safer getting around by bike.

By encouraging all women to ride a bike, we hope to change the conception of what it means to be a cyclist and normalize cycling within our community.


Modelled after U.S. programs created to get bicycles into the hands of essential workers, #BikeMatchWCN exceeded all expectations thanks to the generosity of people in Toronto who donated bikes they didn’t need. In 2020 more than 75 women from the Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park and neighbouring communities who were in need of a bike received one.

We have many more women on a waiting list who have a passion to acquire bikes and learn to ride so we need bikes! If you have a bike to give, or need a bike to ride, simply review our guidelines and register using #BikeMatchWCN and agree to this Waiver.


  1. Donated bikes need to be in good condition and ready-to-ride. If this is not the case, please consider donating your bike to a local bike hub.
  2. If you are donating a bike, for sanitary purposes, clean the bike thoroughly before hand-off (handlebars, gear shifters, seat, etc).
  3. Both people offering and receiving bikes will be expected to participate in an outdoor, no-contact exchange in a public place observing physical distancing guidelines of being at least 2 metres apart.
  4. If you have a fever or cough, (or other symptoms of COVID-19) or have been exposed to someone who has a fever or cough, please self-quarantine for at least 14 days and refrain from participating in this program at this time. For a list of COVID-19 symptoms see this link.
  5. For sanitary purposes, all bike exchanges are permanent until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
  6. This a free program and priority will be given to folks identifying as women, living in Toronto.
  7. If you are new to cycling, we recommend you sign-up for a learn-to-ride program before using a bike.
  8. The person donating their bike will not be receiving monetary compensation.

Data Privacy

Women’s Cycling Network (WCN) collects information through the data typed in the #BikeMatchWCN app. This information is stored and is only accessible through administrative privileges. #BikeMatchWCN will use the information for three purposes:

  1. Matching a donor bike to a recipient;
  2. Contacting people about WCN events if they requested this;
  3. Statistical analysis of the program made by WCN. Any statistical analysis presented publicly will not include any name, e-mail, birthdate, phone number or postal code information. Statistical analysis presented publicly may include anonymised compilations of information about gender, city region, city and bike details such as image, size and frame type.

If you have any questions, please email